About Us


OSCA (Orissa Socio-Cultural Association)
The Orissa Socio-cultural association, Ahmedabad is a non-political, non-profit, and voluntary association registered under the societies regulation and public trust act on May 20, 1979 (Reg. No: G/9881 and F/9741).
It was an endeavor of few visionary Oriyas, who initiated the Orissa Cultural Association 30 years back to bring interested friends of similar cultural descends together. The effort was an impetus to start the humble beginning of OSCA and attract members from all walk of life to facilitate the growth of the society in multiple dimension. The society invites and acknowledges members for their contributions in strengthening the fabrics of mutual respect, appreciation best price cialis and trust.

JCARC (Jagannath Cultural Academy and Research Centre)
The society envisages to create an integrated infrastructure named "Jagannath Cultural Academy and Research Centre" as an epicenter to promote all form of art and culture, discourse on philosophy and literature, apprise about the tradition and facilitate research on the developmental programs under a single roof. The endeavor of JCARC is to bring all-round progress of OSCA by putting the community development and other cultural celebrations on a single plane. For more information, please visit www.jcarc.in

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